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Although this network was originally created to support and facilitate communication and networking among users of The Family School, we are excited to see that many additional LDS homeschool families are joining for the sharing, community, and networking as well!

We hope this growing worldwide network will help you in this wonderful and challenging journey of homeschooling your children in light of the revealed principles of the restored gospel.


The Family School - General Topics

Discussions related to The FAMILY SCHOOL CURRICULUM

627 discussions

The Family School - SCIENCE

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - SCIENCE Lessons

67 discussions

The Family School - LITERATURE

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - LITERATURE Lessons

50 discussions

The Family School - GEOGRAPHY

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - GEOGRAPHY Lessons

64 discussions

The Family School - HISTORY

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - HISTORY

73 discussions

The Family School - ART

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - ART Lessons

20 discussions

The Family School - MUSIC

Forum related to The FAMILY SCHOOL - MUSIC Lessons

26 discussions

Latter-day Learning High School (Pilot)

Forum related to the Latter-day Learning High School Pilot.

10 discussions

Homeschool News & Support

11 discussions

Homeschool Advice

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran this forum is the place to ask questions and get answers about homeschooling methods, styles, homeschooling high school, and "how to."

33 discussions

Scripture Study, Devotionals & Family Meetings

Share your ideas related to scripture study, devotionals, and family meetings.

3 discussions

Recommendations to LDL

Do you have a great idea that we should know about? This is the right place to post it.

30 discussions





The FAMILY SCHOOL Curriculum

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